What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Care is an Innovative clear multi-layerable Nanotechnology coating.

Once applied it bonds to material surface and forms a highly durable Ceramic Quartz coating with Extreme Hydrophobicity and Color Renew feature. Provides a deep, rich high gloss finish with self-cleaning properties, keeping your vechicle looking fresh and making future washes quick and easy.

Ceramic Care is the result of huge ammount of work and extensive experience in the field of auto detailing. For many years in our workshops we used ceramic coatings of leading world brands, exploring their features and durability. In the course of our observations, we came to the conclusion that protective properties and durability of some products on the market do not correspond to the declared and put simply not worth the money. The idea of creating our own brand originated more than 4 years ago. We decided to combine our knowledge with the capabilities of leading manufacturers in the field of nano coatings and developed a unique formula with excellent characteristics and reasonable price tag.

For nearly three years, our products have only been used in a narrow circle of detailers, to make sure the quality of the coating is impeccable and all necessary adjustments to the formula were made.

Now, having checked everything in practice and received good feedback from our customers, we are ready to offer you our unique Ceramic Care products!

Developed, tested and approved by professional detailers.
Made to Withstand Tough Climate Conditions.
We constantly improve our products.
Premium technical support by professional detailers.
Affordable and Easy to use Products.
Product Certification.


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